About Us

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Curtis Stohr, Jr.

My Story

My first 16 years of my life I was part of a Military Family, so we move around a lot, but I learned to not be afraid to ask questions that may make me look dumb. I barely graduated High School, so I ended up in a vocational school to become an Auto Mechanic, which I did. Even though I liked working on cars, my Mother's best friend hired me to clean her rental properties and that made me curious about Real Estate.

I must have some of the worst timing because I became a Real Estate Agent in the 80s when Real Estate crashed and was on the road to recovery which was slow, but I did well even though I had a bad boss and I knew very little about Real Estate. So, when the market crashed in  2008, I knew I needed to get back into investing in Real Estate and took a course that cost over $50,000 to learn Fix & Flips. I soon discovered that lending money to my fellow Flippers was the way to go so I took a course that cost over $30,000 to learn, not jus Private Lending, but how the money system actually works! What an eye opener! And I to this day continue to learn as much about money as possible, and excited to share what i have learned.