About Us

This page only covers myself since there are too many to list all of the people we are affiliated with including trainers, financial gurus and attorneys.

Curtis Stohr, Jr.

My Story

My first 16 years of my life I was part of a Military Family, so we move around a lot, but I learned to not be afraid to ask questions that may make me look dumb. I barely graduated High School, so I ended up in a vocational school to become an Auto Mechanic, which I did. Even though I liked working on cars, my mother’s best friend hired me to clean her rental properties and that made me curious about Real Estate.

I must have some of the worst timing because I became a Real Estate Agent in the 80s when Real Estate crashed and was on the road to recovery which was slow, but I did well even though I had a boss that focused on money, but I knew very little about Real Estate since I was a new agent but my gut told me I wasn’t a match for this firm. I left Real Estate thinking all Brokers were going to be more about making money than helping families.

I moved to Arizona and started over in a corporate job, but when the market crashed in 2008, I knew I needed to get back into investing in Real Estate and took a course that cost over $50,000 to learn Fix & Flips. I soon discovered that lending money to my fellow Flippers was the way to go so I took a course that cost over $35,000 to learn, not just Private Lending, but how the money system actually works! What an eye opener!

The only thing is, I wish I knew these money strategies when I was 25 years old but I have also learned it’s never too late to start. And I to this day continue to learn as much about the monetary system as possible, and excited to share what I have learned.