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I am extremely grateful for our friendship, the continued support, guidance and wisdom which Curtis offers as a close friend and business associate. Without a doubt, Curtis is one of the most knowledgeable and sincere mentors I have met in all my careers. I am humbled to work with Curtis as his passion has shifted to Family Investing; a concept previously coveted only by the extremely wealthy. I stand absolutely confident that anyone deciding to work with Curtis and the Family Investor will reap incredible insight and knowledge with how to manage their finances in a capacity formally only for the elite like the Rockefellers. Without any hesitation I strongly encourage anyone reading this to reach out to Curtis to begin a journey that could provide you the ultimate financial freedom and independence you desire!
Steve S
Ntegrity Networks
The most important step to successful real estate investing and private lending is to first buy right and lend right, respectively. Curtis was our "go to" guy for this vital analysis step, which was the secret to our success. Curtis worked tirelessly when others gave up or took shortcuts, and was always selflessly willing to teach others.
Tip P
Real Estate Investor
I have been a colleague of Curtis Stohr for 8 years now and find him to be one of the smartest, most knowledgeable professionals I know. Curtis is one of those rare people who Loves diving into the details while at the same time holding the big picture. He is a great teacher and full of knowledge and no matter what we are doing, he quickly becomes the expert. He is also incredibly organized and so very patient really caring that the knowledge he has, is truly understood by those around him. He really goes the extra mile, and I trust his wisdom
Teri A
Real Estate Investor
I have worked with Curtis for almost 15 years now and he has always been driven to help others. I continue to seek him out for advice and he is willing to share anything he knows and if he doesn't know the solution he is very resourceful and usually comes up with information that can help me.
Allen P
Retired Pilot